Marketing Channel Strategy: An Omni-Channel Approach

This is one of the first books to offer a completely unique, updated approach to channel marketing. This classic text has been adapted for the modern marketing reality by building a model that shows students how to engage customers across multiple marketing channels simultaneously and seamlessly. The omni-channel is different from the multi-channel. It recognizes not only that customers access goods and services in multiple ways, but also that they are likely doing this at the same time; comparing prices on multiple websites, and seamlessly switching between mobile and desktop devices. With the strong theoretical foundation that users have come to expect, the book also offers lots of practical exercises and applications to help students understand how to design and implement omni-channel strategies in reality.

Chapter 1: The Omni-channel ecosystem

Omni- channel retail Revolution :


Multi Channel vs. Omni- Channel :

Omni Channel retailers : (video in the article)  

Chapter 6: Retailing structures and strategies

Retail:Great retail bifurcation

Increased connectivity changing the retail landscape:

Amazon changing the retail landscape:

Retail strategy :

Alibaba’s “new retail” explained :

Chapter 7: wholesaling strategies and structures

Wholesale distribution trends:

2018 wholesale business strategies:

Chapter 8: Franchise structures and strategies

McDonald’s business and franchise overview :

Chapter 9: Channels and International markets

Alibaba’s new retail explained:


Export management company Promo Video

Fortune at the BOP :

Designing business to end poverty: Base of the Pyramid (BoP) HUB:

Chapter 11: Omni- channel strategy

Accenture and omnichannel:

Leveraging technology :

Retail Digital Supply Chains: Facing an omnichannel customer-driven landscape :

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