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Silvio Abrahão Laban Neto, PhD

University: Insper

Email: SilvioALN@insper.edu.br | Phone: +55-11-4504-2708 | Web

Research Focus: marketing strategy, marketing channels, relationship marketing, sales management, retail management

Industry Focus: distribution, B2B firms in various industries, retail

Son Lam, PhD

University: University of Georgia

Email: sonlam@uga.edu | Phone: 706-542-4531 | Web

Research Focus: sales management, marketing strategy implementation, internal marketing, corporate and brand identity

Industry Focus: distribution, B2B firms in various industries

Justin M. Lawrence, PhD

University: Oklahoma State University

Email: lawrence@okstate.edu | Phone: 517-432-6469 | Web

Research Focus: B2B marketing, sales force structure, online and multi-channels strategy, empirical modeling

Industry Focus: B2B and Sales Knowledge Expert

Ju-Yeon Lee, PhD

University: Iowa State University

Email: leejy@iastate.edu | Phone: 515-294-5402 | Web

Research Focus: Marketing strategy, customer centricity, political marketing strategy, marketing channels, empirical modeling

Industry Focus: Business-to-government (B2G), business-to-business (B2B)

Seoungwoo Lee, PhD

University: Tulane University

Email: slee35@tulane.edu | Phone: 504-314-2468 | Web

Research Focus: product versioning and upgrading, platform, crowdfunding, loyalty program

Industry Focus: mobile apps, technology, retail

Fine F. Leung, PhD

University: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Email: fine.leung@polyu.edu.hk | Phone: +852-3400-3952 | Web

Research Focus: Marketing strategy, influencer marketing, customer relationship

Industry Focus: Various industries

Shibo Li, PhD

University: Indiana University

Email: shili@indiana.edu | Phone: 812-855-9015 | Web

Research Focus: Consumer dynamics, digital marketing, shopper marketing, marketing analytics, customer relationship management

Industry Focus: e-commerce, mobile commerce, retailing, services, technology

David Yanzhi Li, PhD

University: City University of Hong Kong

Email: yanzhili@cityu.edu.hk | Phone: +852 34427253 | Web

Research Focus: Decision analytics for marketing, logistics, and supply chain

Industry Focus: Various industries

Yexin Jessica Li, PhD

University: University of Kansas

Email: Jessica.Li@ku.edu | Phone: 607-339-9364 | Web

Research Focus: Customer experience, corporate social responsibility, nonprofit marketing, business ethics

Industry Focus: Various industries, including B2C and nonprofit

Ding Ma, PhD

University: City University of Hong Kong

Email: dingma@cityu.edu.hk | Phone: +852 34425408 | Web

Research Focus: Branding, social media, public policy

Industry Focus: Various industries

Girish Mallapragada, PhD

University: Indiana University

Email: gmallapr@indiana.edu | Phone: 812-856-1970 | Web

Research Focus: Marketing Channels, Innovation

Industry Focus: Various Industries

Detelina Marinova, PhD

University: University of Missouri

Email: marinovad@missouri.edu | Phone: 573-884-8052 | Web

Research Focus: Sales and Service Interactions, Email and Webchat selling, Unstructured Textual and Audio Data Analysis

Industry Focus: B2B, service, healthcare, logistics, retail

Greg Marshall, PhD

University: Rollins College and Aston Business School

Email: gmarshall@rollins.edu | Phone: 407-691-1150

Research Focus: Salesperson performance, sales organization effectiveness, technology impact on selling strategy, sales and marketing interface

Industry Focus: B2B, various industries

Kelly D. Martin, PhD

University: Colorado State University

Email: kelly.martin@colostate.edu | Phone: 970-491-7269 | Web

Research Focus: marketing ethics, privacy, consumer well-being

Industry Focus: various industries

Marc Mazodier, PhD

University: ESSEC Business School

Email: mazodier@essec.edu | Phone: +33 664712463 | Web

Research Focus: Marketing communication strategy, advertising, sponsorship, brand management

Industry Focus: Various industries, including beauty, entertainment, and sports

Leigh McAlister, PhD

University: University of Texas at Austin

Email: leigh.mcalister@mccombs.utexas.edu | Phone: 512-471-1128 | Web

Research Focus: Ability of Marketing Actions to Influence the Firm’s Stock Market Value

Industry Focus: Various Industries

Martin Mende, PhD

University: Florida State University

Email: mmende@fsu.edu | Phone: 850-644-7897 | Web

Research Focus: services, relationship marketing, well-being, health and financial services, transformative services research, technology

Industry Focus: various, services, business to consumer, medical/health related, financial services, insurance

Fred Miao, PhD

University: University of Texas at Arlington

Email: fred.miao@uta.edu | Phone: 817-272-0532 | Web

Research Focus: Business-to-business sales management, retail sales management, inter-firm marketing strategy

Industry Focus: Various industries

Vikas Mittal, PhD

University: Rice University

Email: vm2@rice.edu | Phone: 713-348-6254 | Web

Research Focus: Customer Satisfaction, Customer-Focused Strategy, Customer-Decision Processes

Industry Focus: B2B, Healthcare, Financial Services, Energy, Retailing, Online-Services

Jordan W. Moffett, PhD

University: University of Kentucky

Email: JWMoffett@uky.edu | Phone: 337-802-5979 | Web

Research Focus: marketing strategy, relationship marketing, customer-firm communication, social media, customer engagement

Industry Focus: retail, services, business-to-business

Feisal Murshed, PhD

University: Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Email: murshed@kutztown.edu | Phone: 610-683-4712 | Web

Research Focus: sustainability and CSR, marketing strategy, experiential branding, sales force management

Industry Focus: business-to-business, consumer market, service, retail, e-tail

Hyoryung Nam, PhD

University: University of Washington Bothell

Email: hnam1@uw.edu | Phone: 425-352-5268 | Web

Research Focus: social media analytics, big data analytics, marketing-finance interface, and innovation

Industry Focus: e-commerce, technology

Esterina Nervino, PhD

University: City University of Hong Kong

Email: e.nervino@cityu.edu.hk | Phone: +852 34428732 | Web

Research Focus: Social semiotics, branding, advertising, retail experience, ESG

Industry Focus: Luxury retail, hospitality and tourism

Scott Neslin, PhD

University: Dartmouth

Email: scott.neslin@dartmouth.edu | Phone: 603-646-2841 | Web

Research Focus: CRM, database marketing, multichannel, loyalty programs, marketing ROI, internet marketing, sales promotions

Industry Focus: various industries including services, retail; e-tail, consumer packaged goods

Jian Ni, PhD

University: Johns Hopkins University

Email: jni@jhu.edu | Phone: 410-234-9430 | Web

Research Focus: Healthcare, financial service

Industry Focus: Emerging markets

Robert Palmatier, PhD

University: University of Washington

Email: palmatrw@uw.edu | Phone: 206-913-3388 | Web

Research Focus: marketing strategy, sales channels, relationship marketing, loyalty programs

Industry Focus: business-to-business, technology, service, retail

Jane Park, PhD

University: City University of Hong Kong

Email: janepark@cityu.edu.hk | Phone: +852 34427501 | Web

Research Focus: Prosocial behavior, charitable giving, decision making, social influences

Industry Focus: Various industries

Chirag Patel, PhD

University: Grenoble Ecole de Management, France

Email: chirag.patel@grenoble-em.com | Phone: +33476706531 | Web

Research Focus: Radical innovation, organizational learning, crowdsourcing

Industry Focus: various industries

Adithya Pattabhiramaiah, PhD

University: Georgia Tech

Email: adithya.pattabhi@scheller.gatech.edu | Phone: (404) 385 3038 | Web

Research Focus: two-sided markets, social networks, media markets, pricing, information economics

Industry Focus: Media and Entertainment, Social and eCommerce Markets, Sports, Technology Products

Koen Pauwels, PhD

University: Northeastern University

Email: koen.h.pauwels@gmail.com | Phone: 617-373-3260 | Web

Research Focus: Marketing effectiveness, offline and online synergy, analytics

Industry Focus: Durables, fast moving consumer goods, online services

J. Andrew Petersen, PhD

University: Penn State University

Email: jap57@psu.edu | Phone: 814-863-1988 | Web

Research Focus: customer relationship management, marketing metrics, marketing analytics, product returns, customer referrals and references, customer loyalty programs

Industry Focus: business-to-consumer, business-to-business, non-profit

Ye Qiu, PhD

University: Tongji University

Email: tif2408@gmail.com | Phone: +86 021 65982339 | Web

Research Focus: Pricing, advertising, consumer search, e-commerce

Industry Focus: Various industries

Werner Reinartz, PhD

University: University of Cologne

Email: werner.reinartz@uni-koeln.de | Phone: +49-221-4705751 | Web

Research Focus: Marketing strategy, CRM, retailing, digital transformation

Industry Focus: Retail, services, B-to-B, digital

Anne L. Roggeveen, PhD

University: Babson College

Email: aroggeveen@babson.edu | Phone: 781-239-4289 | Web

Research Focus: Retail management, pricing, experiments, services

Industry Focus: Retail, services

Roland Rust, PhD

University: University of Maryland

Email: rrust@rhsmith.umd.edu | Phone: 301-405-4300 | Web

Research Focus: Adaptive personalization, Managing in the era of artificial intelligence

Industry Focus: Service industries

Oliver J. Rutz, PhD

University: University of Washington

Email: orutz@uw.edu | Phone: 206-221-1856 | Web

Research Focus: e-commerce, search engine marketing, display advertising, social media metrics

Industry Focus: various industries

Alok R. Saboo, PhD

University: Georgia State University

Email: asaboo@gsu.edu | Phone: 404-413-7602 | Web

Research Focus: Innovation, Social Media, Mergers & Acquisitions, Marketing-Mix Effectiveness, Entrepreneurship

Industry Focus: High-tech industries, Pharmaceuticals, Business-to-Consumer, Business-to-Business

Stephen Samaha, PhD

University: University of Washington

Email: ssamaha@u.washington.edu

Research Focus: Customer analytics, Bayesian, meta-analyses, and dynamics models

Industry Focus: Financial, retail, services, and B2B markets

Maura L. Scott, PhD

University: Florida State University

Email: maura.scott@fsu.edu | Phone: 850-644-6554 | Web

Research Focus: consumer psychology; consumer well-being, health, and wellness; consumer-technology interactions; psychology of money and consumer financial decision making; premium and luxury brands

Industry Focus: various, business to consumer, medical, financial services, consumer packaged goods

Denish Shah, PhD

University: Georgia State University

Email: shah@gsu.edu | Phone: 404-413-7694 | Web

Research Focus: Marketing strategy, Marketing-technology-performance interface, Customer relationship management

Industry Focus: Various industries

Amalesh Sharma, PhD

University: Texas A&M University

Email: asharma14@gsu.edu | Phone: 404-838-0658 | Web

Research Focus: Marketing Strategy, New Product, Network Theory

Industry Focus: Pharmaceutical, Services, CPG

Minkyu Shin, PhD

University: City University of Hong Kong

Email: minkshin@cityu.edu.hk | Phone: +852 34428391 | Web

Research Focus: online job matching platform, ridesharing platform, gig economy

Industry Focus: Various industries

Jeffrey D. Shulman, PhD

University: University of Washington

Email: jshulman@uw.edu | Phone: 206-221-4804 | Web

Research Focus: Pricing, return policies, public-private collaboration

Industry Focus: B2B and cloud computing

Eugene Sivadas, PhD

University: University of Washington

Email: sivadas@sfsu.edu | Phone: 253-692-4707 | Web

Research Focus: Inter-firm and Consumer Relationships, Construct Measurement, Citation Analysis

Industry Focus: Business-to-Business, Services, Health Care

Jane So, PhD

University: City University of Hong Kong

Email: janeso@cityu.edu.hk | Phone: +852 34428667 | Web

Research Focus: Emotion and well-being, financial well-being, consumer reviews

Industry Focus: Various industries

Camilla Eunyoung Song, PhD

University: City University of Hong Kong

Email: eunysong@cityu.edu.hk | Phone: +852 34425749 | Web

Research Focus: Mobile marketing, mobile consumer behavior, digital marketing

Industry Focus: Various industries

Ashish Sood, PhD

University: University of California Riverside

Email: Ashish.Sood@ucr.edu | Phone: 678-205-9931 | Web

Research Focus: High technology markets, marketing strategy, marketing-finance interface, marketing metrics, emerging markets, patents, social media and advertising

Industry Focus: Various, Business-to-consumer, business-to-business

Alina Sorescu, PhD

University: Texas A&M University

Email: asorescu@tamu.edu | Phone: 979-862-3043 | Web

Research Focus: Innovation, Branding, Business Models

Industry Focus: Consumer packaged goods, Pharmaceutical, High tech

Shrihari (Hari) Sridhar, PhD

University: Texas A&M University

Email: ssridhar@mays.tamu.edu | Web

Research Focus: marketing-mix effectiveness and resource allocation, advertising, marketing strategy

Industry Focus: media markets, business-to-business, retailing and technology sectors

Lena Steinhoff, PhD

University: University of Rostock, Germany

Email: lena.steinhoff@uni-rostock.de | Phone: +49-381-498-40-90 | Web

Research Focus: Loyalty programs, customer loyalty, online relationships, relationship marketing, service management

Industry Focus: Business-to-consumer, services, and retail markets