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Raj Agnihotri, PhD

University: Iowa State University

Email: Raj2@iastate.edu | Phone: 515-294-0475 | Web

Research Focus: Sales Process Digitalization, Salesforce Competitive Intelligence, Sales-Service Ambidexterity, Sales in Emerging Markets

Industry Focus: B2B, High-Tech, and Financial Services

Denni Arli, PhD

University: Griffith University

Email: d.arli@griffith.edu.au | Phone: +61-7-37357126 | Web

Research Focus: Online relationship marketing, marketing strategy, social marketing

Industry Focus: e-commerce, not-for-profit

Sundar G. Bharadwaj, PhD

University: University of Georgia

Email: Sundar@uga.edu | Phone: 706-542-3771 | Web

Research Focus: Marketing strategy, marketing-finance interface, marketing metrics, customer solutions, marketing transformation for digital environments, purpose driven branding

Industry Focus: Business-to-consumer, business-to-business, non-profit

Dipayan Biswas, PhD

University: University of South Florida

Email: dbiswas@usf.edu | Phone: 813-974-5986 | Web

Research Focus: Retail Atmospherics, Food Marketing, Sensory Marketing

Industry Focus: Restaurants, Retail Stores, Services (Hotels, Airports)

Alexander Bleier, PhD

University: Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Email: a.bleier@fs.de | Phone: +49-69-154008-817 | Web

Research Focus: marketing strategy, e-commerce, targeting and personalization, advertising, customer relationship management

Industry Focus: various industries

Chris Blocker, PhD

University: Colorado State University

Email: chris.blocker@colostate.edu | Phone: 970-491-6883 | Web

Research Focus: Customer value measurement, customer experience, services, sales, social enterprise, societal well-being, Transformative Service Research

Industry Focus: B2B Services, High-Tech industries, Non-Profit

Abhishek Borah, PhD

University: INSEAD

Email: abhishek.borah@insead.edu | Phone: +33-1-60-72-4459 | Web

Research Focus: social media, internet, innovation, textual data, time series analysis

Industry Focus: technology

Michael Brady, PhD

University: Florida State University

Email: mbrady@fsu.edu | Phone: 850-644-7853 | Web

Research Focus: frontline service exchanges, service strategy, service employees

Industry Focus: service, retailing, e-commerce

Christian Brock, PhD

University: University of Rostock

Email: christian.brock@uni-rostock.de | Phone: +49-381-4984370 | Web

Research Focus: Complaint management, multichannel management, customer experience

Industry Focus: Retailing, services

Gregory Carpenter, Ph.D.

University: Northwestern University

Email: g-carpenter@kellogg.northwestern.edu | Phone: 847-491-2717 | Web

Research Focus: Marketing strategy, market orientation, corporate culture, and chief marketing officers, brand differentiation

Industry Focus: B2B, healthcare, technology, and artisanal brands

Jinjie Chen, PhD

University: City University of Hong Kong

Email: jinjchen@cityu.edu.hk | Phone: +852 34422002 | Web

Research Focus: Promotion Design, branding, targeting and segmentation, consumer research

Industry Focus: Various industries

Fanny Cheung, PhD

University: City University of Hong Kong

Email: mkfach@cityu.edu.hk | Phone: +852 34427893 | Web

Research Focus: Cultural advertising, service internationalization

Industry Focus: Various industries

Pradeep K. Chintagunta, PhD

University: University of Chicago

Email: Pradeep.chintagunta@chicagobooth.edu | Phone: 773-316-7151 | Web

Research Focus: Measuring effectiveness of salesforce activities; Understanding the effects of changes in strategy on firm outcomes

Industry Focus: Small businesses, pharmaceutical, technology products, online businesses

Jeonghye Choi, PhD

University: Yonsei University

Email: jeonghye@yonsei.ac.kr | Phone: +82-2-2123-6575 | Web

Research Focus: Omnichannel Retailing, Mobile Applications, Log Data Analytics, Field Experiments

Industry Focus: Gaming, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Financial, Luxury Brands

Danny P. Claro, PhD

University: Insper

Email: dannypc@insper.edu.br | Phone: +55-11-4504-2419 | Web

Research Focus: relationship marketing, sales management, social networks, marketing analytics

Industry Focus: service, distribution, retailing, e-commerce in various industries

Andrew T. Crecelius, PhD

University: Iowa State University

Email: acreceli@iastate.edu | Phone: 515-294-4141 | Web

Research Focus: sales management, multichannel management, buyer-seller relationships, organizational buying, social networks

Industry Focus: business-to-business, retail, financial services

Marnik G. Dekimpe, PhD

University: Tilburg University (The Netherlands) and KU Leuven (Belgium)

Email: m.g.dekimpe@uvt.nl | Phone: 31-13-466-3423 | Web

Research Focus: Retail competition; Private-label success; Marketing-mix effectiveness; Loyalty Programs; Product-harm crises​

Industry Focus: Retailing, distribution, consumer-packaged goods

Stylianos Despotakis, PhD

University: City University of Hong Kong

Email: sdespota@cityu.edu.hk | Phone: +852 34429969 | Web

Research Focus: Ad auctions, online advertising, online markets

Industry Focus: Various industries

Timo Dietrich, PhD

University: Griffith University

Email: t.dietrich@griffith.edu.au | Phone: +61 45 22 711 79 | Web

Research Focus: Engagement, Social Marketing, Digital Marketing, Gamification, Behaviour Change Marketing

Industry Focus: Health, Technology, Finance

Andreas Eggert, PhD

University: University of Paderborn/Germany and Newcastle University/UK

Email: andreas.eggert@wiwi.upb.de | Phone: +49-5251-60-20-85 | Web

Research Focus: relationship marketing, service transitions, sales management, loyalty programs

Industry Focus: business-to-business, technology, and service markets

Eric Fang, PhD

University: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Email: erfang@illinois.edu | Phone: 217-265-0683 | Web

Research Focus: marketing strategy, business innovation, business model development

Industry Focus: China, high-tech industries, consumer packaged goods

Hui Feng (Sophia), PhD

University: Iowa State University

Email: huifeng@iastate.edu | Phone: 515-294-3815 | Web

Research Focus: marketing strategy, marketing capabilities, marketing organization, chief marketing officer (CMO)

Industry Focus: various industries, including technology, medical and service

Ina Garnefeld, PhD

University: University of Wuppertal

Email: garnefeld@wiwi.uni-wuppertal.de | Phone: +49-202-439-2458 | Web

Research Focus: Customer relationship management, e-commerce, (online) word of mouth, (online) payment methods, and product returns

Industry Focus: Various industries, including telecommunication and online retailing

Frank Germann, PhD

University: University of Notre Dame

Email: fgermann@nd.edu | Phone: 574-631-4858 | Web

Research Focus: Marketing in the Top Management Team, Customer Analytics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Brands

Industry Focus: Various Industries

Markus Giesler, PhD

University: York University

Email: markus@bigdesignlab.com | Phone: 647-274-4807 | Web

Research Focus: Consumer culture, market creation/evolution, customer experience design

Industry Focus: Various, technology, retailing, pharmaceutical, platforms

Ashley Goreczny, PhD

University: Iowa State University

Email: goreczny@iastate.edu | Phone: 515-294-3824 | Web

Research Focus: Sales Management, Sales and Marketing Strategies, and Customer Relationship Management

Industry Focus: Sales Management and Selling Strategies

Rajdeep Grewal, PhD

University: University of North Carolina

Email: Rajdeep_Grewal@kenan-flagler.unc.edu | Phone: 919-962-2149 | Web

Research Focus: empirically modeling strategic marketing issues

Industry Focus: industrial sectors, airlines, automobile

Dhruv Grewal, PhD

University: Babson College

Email: dgrewal@babson.edu | Phone: 781-239-3902 | Web

Research Focus: Pricing, retailing management, innovative technology, social media and e-commerce

Industry Focus: Retailing, services

Flora F. Gu, PhD

University: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Email: msfgu@polyu.edu.hk | Phone: +852-27664017 | Web

Research Focus: Marketing strategy, interorganizational relationships, international marketing, digital marketing

Industry Focus: B2B, distribution, platforms.

Colleen Harmeling, PhD

University: Florida State University

Email: charmeling@fsu.edu | Phone: 850-644-7449 | Web

Research Focus: marketing strategy, relationship marketing, channels, customer engagement

Industry Focus: retail, business-to-business channels, not-for-profit, services

Nathaniel Hartmann, PhD

University: University of Hawaii

Email: nnhartma@hawaii.edu | Phone: 808-956-6607 | Web

Research Focus: Salesperson performance, hiring and training of salespeople, sales management, buyer-seller relationships

Industry Focus: Business-to-business, financial services, insurance, consumer goods

Kelly Haws, PhD

University: Vanderbilt University

Email: Kelly.haws@owen.vanderbilt.edu | Phone: 615-322-2322 | Web

Research Focus: Food Labeling and Marketing, Self-Control, Sensory Marketing

Industry Focus: Food Production and Retailing, Restaurants, Other Retail Stores, Services

Jan B. Heide, PhD

University: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Email: jan.heide@wisc.edu | Phone: 608-262-5224 | Web

Research Focus: Marketing channels, B2B relationships, alliances

Industry Focus: B2B, various industries

Conor Henderson, PhD

University: University of Oregon

Email: conorh@uoregon.edu | Phone: 541-346-2839 | Web

Research Focus: customer loyalty, sponsorship and sports marketing

Industry Focus: technology, services, entertainment and sports, online retail

Kelly Hewett, PhD

University: University of Tennessee

Email: khewett@utk.edu | Phone: 865-974-1656 | Web

Research Focus: Marketing strategy, global marketing, performance impact of firm activities to develop, leverage or protect brand assets

Industry Focus: Various industries

Sebastian Hohenberg, PhD

University: University of Texas at Austin

Email: sebastian.hohenberg@mccombs.utexas.edu | Phone: 512-232-4844 | Web

Research Focus: marketing strategy, innovation & new technologies, sales strategy & steering, and marketing management

Industry Focus: automotive, chemicals, building and construction, and manufacturing

Mark B. Houston, PhD

University: Texas Christian University

Email: m.b.houston@tcu.edu | Phone: 817-257-4889 | Web

Research Focus: B2B relationships and interactions, business buyer behavior, B2B innovation

Industry Focus: Entertainment industry expertise, various industries

John Hulland, PhD

University: University of Georgia

Email: jhulland@uga.edu | Phone: 724-766-1465 | Web

Research Focus: Varied

Industry Focus: Various industries

Tomas Hult, PhD

University: Michigan State University

Email: hult@msu.edu | Phone: 517-353-4336 | Web

Research Focus: global strategy, supply chain, marketing strategy, global marketing

Industry Focus: Business-to-Business and industrial

Subin Im, PhD

University: Yonsei University

Email: imsubin@yonsei.ac.kr | Phone: +82-2-2123-6566 | Web

Research Focus: New product development and innovation strategy, creativity, adoption of innovation, start-ups, entrepreneurship, cross-functional teams, design marketing, knowledge management

Industry Focus: Business-to-business firms in high-tech industry, business-to-consumer firms in global, multi-cultural markets.

Shelly Jain, PhD

University: University of Washington

Email: spjain@uw.edu | Phone: 206-221-2946 | Web

Research Focus: branding, cross-cultural consumer behavior, advertising

Industry Focus: business-to-consumer

Bernard Jaworski, PhD

University: Claremont Graduate University

Email: bernie.jaworski@cgu.edu | Phone: 213-706-6012 | Web

Research Focus: Building Market-Driven Organizations, Embedding Marketing Capabilities within Firms, and Organic Growth

Industry Focus: Life Sciences, High Technology, B2B, and Professional Service Firms

Ryoo Jun Hyun Joseph, PhD

University: City University of Hong Kong

Email: jhryoo@cityu.edu.hk | Phone: +852 34427240 | Web

Research Focus: unstructured data, machine learning, online word of mouth

Industry Focus: Various industries

Brett W. Josephson, PhD

University: George Mason University

Email: bjosephs@gmu.edu | Phone: 703-993-4207 | Web

Research Focus: Political Marketing, Government Contracting, Business-to-Government Relationships, Lobbying

Industry Focus: Business-to-business firms in high-tech and commodity industries

Vamsi Kanuri, PhD

University: University of Notre Dame

Email: vkanuri@nd.edu | Phone: 574-631-2399 | Web

Research Focus: marketing strategy, marketing-mix decision models, marketing analytics, services, pricing

Industry Focus: Business-to-Consumer, Business-to-Business, nonprofit and education

Constantine S. Katsikeas, PhD

University: University of Leeds

Email: buscsk@leeds.ac.uk | Phone: +44-0-113-343-2624 | Web

Research Focus: Global marketing and exporting, sales management, cross-border relationships, strategic alliances, and competitive strategy

Industry Focus: Various industries

Youngchan Kim, PhD

University: Yonsei University

Email: youngkim@yonsei.ac.kr | Phone: +82-2-2123-5468 | Web

Research Focus: Customer Value Management, Customer Satisfaction, B2B Marketing and Sales force Management, Quantitative Data Analysis (Bayesian Methodology), Spatial Modeling

Industry Focus: Market Expansion Strategy, Customer Value Marketing Strategy, B2B Marketing and Digital Communication, Market Demand Prediction, Market Segmentation

Ajay K. Kohli, PhD

University: Georgia Institute of Technology

Email: ajay.kohli@scheller.gatech.edu | Phone: 404-894-4353 | Web

Research Focus: market orientation, customer solutions, sales management, brand management

Industry Focus: broad (B2B, B2C, services)

Irina V. Kozlenkova, PhD

University: University of Virginia

Email: irinak@virginia.edu | Phone: 812-454-2351 | Web

Research Focus: Marketing strategy, marketing channels, relationship marketing, healthcare marketing

Industry Focus: Various industries

V. Kumar, PhD

University: Georgia State University

Email: vk@gsu.edu | Phone: 404-413-7590 | Web

Research Focus: new product management, marketing models, database marketing, customer relationship management, marketing intelligence, marketing strategy

Industry Focus: brand and customer management