Collaborative Research & Consulting

SAMS InstituteTM sponsors a project with Microsoft on Privacy

From Privacy Vulnerability to Privacy Resilience

Collaborative Option

Leverage sales and marketing professors in collaborative projects to improve business performance:

  • Low cost as professors work in exchange for access to emerging problems and data for academic research
  • Research done with NDA, masking firm’s identity and key information, but data are used in academic research

Consulting Option

Alternatively, leverage sales and marketing professors for consulting projects to improve business performance:

  • Research done with NDA and data are not used in academic research
  • Higher cost than collaborative option but billed at about 50% of typical consulting company

Both options give access to state of the art analysis techniques and professors with specialty expertise.

View Illustrative Projects

Expertise and Past Projects Include:

  • Acquisition, expansion, and retention (AER) strategies
  • Branding strategies
  • Building customer centricity
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Choice models, conjoint analyses, cluster analyses, response models
  • Customer engagement strategies
  • Data analytics and big data analyses
  • Designing and implementing loyalty programs
  • Digital marketing
  • Healthcare marketing
  • Marketing and product innovation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Measuring and improving customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Privacy-based marketing strategies
  • Relationship marketing strategies
  • Sales and channel strategies
  • Sales and marketing audits

The researchers from the SAMS Institute have worked on a number of big data analytics projects at Microsoft, and I have been impressed with the quality of their modeling and business understanding. I think many insights organizations could benefit from partnering with researchers from leading universities.

I especially like how SAMS is able to align international researchers with deep knowledge about our specific research questions, rather than using the same researcher for every business problem.  It helps us access thought leadership across multiple domains.

Reed Cundiff, General Manager
Reed Cundiff, General ManagerCustomer and Market Research, 
Microsoft Corporation